West Hove Directory Pick Up Points

All residents and businesses in West Hove do receive the magazine each month however the following locations have a branded distribution box where members of the public can pick up their own copy of The West Hove Directory each month:

  • Gratitude Tree Grocers (Richardson Road)
  • Fine to Fabulous (Richardson Road)
  • Drury Tea and Coffee (Richardson Road)
  • Healy and Newson  Richardson Road)
  • The Boys (Portland Road)
  • Scoundrels Barber (Portland Road)
  • The Chip Basket (Portland Road)
  • The Stoneham (Portland Road)
  • Scotties Cafe (Portland Road)
  • K's Cafe (Portland Road)
  • Roots Unisex Hairdressers (Portland Road)
  • West Hove Laundrette (Portland Road)
  • Le Sandwich (Portland Road)
  • Station Cafe (Portland Road)
  • Eddie's Cafe (Boundary Road)
  • Olivers Cafe (Boundary Road)
  • Buondi Cafe (Boundary Road)

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