Hassocks Village Directory

After 29 years the previously annual Hassocks Village Directory has become a monthly magazine going through every door in Hassocks and Keymer in the first week of every month. It is a full colour B5 publication full of local features and information. Community groups are entitled to free listings and upcoming events are featured as well as local people and issues.

The Hassocks Village Directory is delivered every month to over 3600 local addresses and businesses and we also have many branded distribution points around Hassocks where people can pick up their copy of the Directory each month. See here for a list of where our distribution boxes are located.

The low cost of advertising in The Hassocks Village Directory makes this an excellent option for local business to advertise in and to reach many local potential customers.

Don't delay give us a call on 01273 551021 or email info@villagedirectories.com


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