Frequently Asked Questions


Will local advertising work for me?

The sixty million dollar question! Like all marketing platforms you will never know if local advertising will work for you unless you try it! Having said that we have observed different approaches and attitudes to advertising over the years and some have definitely worked and others haven’t. The main factor in your success is how long you advertise for. We have answered this question for you as a separate entry in our Frequently Asked Questions list (below) and we do strongly recommend reading it.

What sort of results do advertisers get from advertising?

We have advertisers who appeared in our very first edition of our first magazine in November 2004 and have been in every edition since. Also we have well over 70% of our advertisers who are ever present in one or more of our magazines.
This is an interesting phenomenon and one suspects it isn’t because these business owners enjoy handing over cheques to us every three months or so!
However the businesses who get consistent results are committed to the process of building up their profile in an area and their success wasn’t always instant.
We strongly recommend you read the separate entry (below) in our Frequently Asked Questions list entitled How Long Should I Advertise For?

How long should I advertise for?

Over the years we have had many businesses who have advertised with us for just one month “to see if it works” and they use this experience to decide if it is worth a longer run of advertising in the magazine or not. In a lot of cases they don’t get an amazing response to their one month advert and don’t persist with their advertising.

In many ways this is never a surprise to us as over the last decade and a half we feel we have come to several conclusions as to how local magazines work. The following is our observation  on why businesses who have committed to longer runs of advertising with us have been successful…

  • Resident receives magazine through door. If the magazine contains items of local interest they read it and keep it; they also see your advert. Even if they don’t need your service there and then, they will register your advert on some level.

  • Next month same things happen. Magazine arrives – resident reads it and keeps it and again sees your advert. They still don’t require your services but they notice your advert  a little bit more than before.

  • The months go by and the resident becomes very aware that you exist locally as a service and one day they DO need your service! At this point you get a call and get the opportunity to obtain this person as a customer.

  • Next, having done a great job, your happy customer tells their neighbours.

  • The neighbour soon requires your service too and as they have heard good things and also regularly see your advert they call you too...

  • After a while you build up an excellent local reputation and your local work increases significantly!

Compare that sequence of events with the one month “see if it works” advertiser and the answer to the question of how long to advertise for becomes clearer.
We realise that this may increase advertising spend but as a solution to this we would always advise having a smaller advert in any publication for more months as opposed to a large advert for just a single month. Also we have created a subscription package for businesses to sign up to. This is a 12 month agreement that really gets to the bottom of your advertising campaign and includes a business editorial, free advert design and advice and as many changes and tweeks as needed throughout the 12 months period to get things going. We strongly recommend this package for businesses who want to get some serious promotion done!!

What size advert should I go for?

It depends on your budget. The bigger the better however we would always advise a smaller advert for more months over a full page advert for one month. In these style of local publications it is the consistent repetition of your message over a period of time that gets results and not a one off hit with a big advert.

I have no idea where to start...can you  design my advert for me?

Yes we can design your advert for you. If you send us the words and any logos and images you want on your advert we can do a lay out for you and send you a proof back. However do bear in mind the size of your advert and how many words you can get into that space without looking cramped. As a general rule we recommend fewer words rather than more as too many words can actually stop a potential customer reading your advert.

What is the artwork deadline?

With the exception of the deadline for the January magazines the deadline is always the 15th of the month before. So 15th February for the March editions and 15th March for the April editions. January is different due to the printers closing over Christmas. The January deadline is 10th December.

Can I change my advert each month if I want to?

Yes no problem as long as we either receive your new advert by the deadline day or if we designed your original advert, instructions on what you want changing. We don’t ask you if you want to change your advert every month so the onus is on you to contact us in time. Unfortunately after the deadline date it is unlikely any changes can be made.

How are the magazines distributed and to whom?

We have a team of local distributors in each area. They have all been with us for some time and we do checks on each area to verify distribution has occurred. One excellent self-policing element of our distribution is that we have many advertisers who live in the areas where the magazines go – naturally they would be first to let us know of any problems with distribution. Thankfully issues are very few and far between and the whole operation runs very smoothly.

When do I need to pay for my advertising?

If you are on our recommended subscription package with all the added benefits the first S/O must be received before the deadline of the first magazine you appear in.
If you have opted for a shorter run then payment is due before the deadline of the first magazine you are due to appear in.
However, we aren’t horrible people here and want to help facilitate your advertising so please do talk to us if you wanted to arrange something else.

If you are thinking of advertising in local magazines for the first time may we invite you to fill in the form below and we will e-mail for free our Guide to Local Advertising containing some of the lessons we have learnt this past decade in terms of making the most out of your advertising budget.