Benefits to advertisers

Tried and tested…

Our magazines do work and testimony to that lies in the fact that over 75% of our advertisers are ever present with us. Some of our advertisers have appeared in our magazines from our very first edition in November 2004 and continue with us to this day.


Our publications represent excellent value for money if your main target market is residential. It costs a fraction of the price it costs to advertise in many other local newspapers and publications.

It is truly local

As a general rule the residents of the type of areas where we have magazines embrace the concept of supporting local business. We make efforts to give the directory a local feel by including local events and activities for free as well as local community news. Feedback from each of our magazine areas tells us that the publications are very warmly received.


Evidence tells us that the Directory isn't thrown away each week like a local newspaper. Because the magazines contain content relevant to residents of that specific area the tendency is to keep the publication as a reference for the whole month.


The Directories have a very high standard of print and production . All art work is professionally finished to ensure that you look your best and that your company is proud to be featured and associated with a high quality publication.

Editorial opportunities

Opportunities arise periodically to feature as a local business in an article that appears in a specific magazine. This will give your business a depth of coverage that is normally only available at huge expense in other publications.

If you are thinking of advertising in local magazines for the first time may we invite you to fill in the form below and we will e-mail for free our Guide to Local Advertising containing some of the lessons we have learnt this past decade in terms of making the most out of your advertising budget.