About Us

We started our magazine business in Fiveways with the first edition of The Fiveways Directory dropping onto the doormats of local residents in November 2004.

This first magazine proved very popular with local residents and businesses alike and soon after the following year came The Hanover Directory which was followed later by Queens Park Living and The West Hove Directory with our latest publication Poets Pages – covering the Poets Corner area of Hove – starting as recently as November 2013.

Along the way we have also been heavily involved with the establishment and running of The Deans Magazine – covering Saltdean, Rottingdean, Ovingdean and Roedean - and also Uckfield Matters. Both of these publications continue to thrive in their respective areas.

Our purpose has always been, and will continue to be with our current magazines and any future publications we run:

To connect up local people with local businesses and activities thus helping to create a greater community spirit and more prosperity for the magazines respective area.

As far as the future is concerned, we definitely would like to continue to grow and serve more and more local communities by providing them with their own local publication whilst at the same time providing local businesses with the opportunity to avail themselves of cost effective locally targeted advertising.

If you are thinking of advertising in local magazines for the first time may we invite you to fill in the form below and we will e-mail for free our Guide to Local Advertising containing some of the lessons we have learnt this past decade in terms of making the most out of your advertising budget.