Welcome to the website for Sussex Magazines Limited.

Sussex Magazines is a publishing company based in Sussex. The company has two distinct areas of activity and two different trading names it operates under.


Brighton and Hove Magazines

This part of the business produces popular monthly magazines that are distributed to commnuities across the city of Brighton and Hove. Each publication has local infomation for residents that is both interesting and relevant and the magazines also carry adverts for local businesses.

Please click on the logo above to go to the website and see all that there is on offer...

Alternatively click on any below publication that you are interested in:

The Fiveways Directory

The Hanover Directory

Queens Park Living

The Kemptown Rag

West Hove Directory

Poets Pages

Hove Park Living


Village Directories

Village Directories comprise 15 individual directories that serve different villages across West Sussex and are delivered to each relavant post code area by the Royal Mail once a year. These directories list all the contacts any villager would need for the year and have become a vital part of local life for residents. For information click on the logo above to go to the Village Directories website...